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    Ariel Cabrera Montejo

    Camagüey (Cuba) • 1982
    Ariel Cabrera Montejo © Ariel Cabrera Montejo
    At the beginning of his career as an art student Ariel Cabrera Montejo had the experience of being in constant interaction with collectibles, artwork and documents relating to the collecting of historical memorabilia of Cuba. These documents transcended to him as rare and truthful testimony they guarded information that differed in many cases with the story of the struggle for independence in Cuba and promoted as such remains in force as the official story of a unilateral doctrine. It is then when the motivation to submit the history to a revision from the position of art emerges, and the proposal to take on the more traditional painting techniques to perform works whose historical stories in contrast with traditional narrative content of literature history, and retake the pictorial fact itself as a recording action that along time legitimized the image of men, doctrines and mores.
    In his work he selects images taken from pre-established heritage documents to enter rough areas and aspects little touched by the cuban history, setting references relating to the beginnings of photography and its forms of dialogue with painting. Besides, he proposes scenarios about military events of the struggle for the independence of Cuba in stadiums 1868 - 1898, creating simultaneous events and assumptions historiographical dialogues which subject the history in general to scrutiny, where sarcasm, erotic-burlesque and ludic are present, in romantic struggles and intimate scenes shaped as a campaign notes and short stories. He makes an ideological deconstruction of hieratic images of solemn independence patriots or historical heroes (mambí) whose characters are recurring in each stage or battlefield, where the paradox is implicit, and the historical discourse is as an open approach between the truth and simulation. Using different impressionist techniques to hold a better dialogue of visual illusion in each context that he represents and gives more credibility to each scene, using pictorial references like Spanish school painting, Italian and American in some cases, and how these influenced greatly in the history of Cuban art in the colonial period.

    Lives and Works in NY.

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    Ariel Cabrera Montejo Ariel Cabrera Montejo Ariel Cabrera Montejo

    SOLO EXHIBITIONS - Selection


    New Works, Mazzoli, Modena


    Coates and Scarry, New York


    Escenas Secundarias, GE Galeria, Monterrey, Mexico


    Protmen: Alguien tenía que proponérselo, Galeria Alejo Carpentier, Camaguey, Cuba



    Zona Maco, Ciudad de Mexico / GE galeria

    All that you have is your Soul. Factionartprojects, Coates and Scarry Gallery. London/ L.A / NY


    Soldaditos de Papel. Galeria Alvaro Alcázar, Madrid, España

    Seeing Whales. Galleria Mazzoli / Curate by Chiara laneselli, Modena, Italia

    Pensamientos Maestros. Gallery weekend, GE galeria, Monterrey, México

    City Remix. Urban Spaces / Concrete space, KER Gallery, Miami

    Origin and Circumstances / Cuban State of Mind / The first Presbyterian Church, NYC

    Art Palm Beach, Contemporary Art Fair, Palm Beach Convention Center, W.P.B Florida


    Primera Revancha. Curate by Omar Pascual Castillo, GE Galeria, Pinta Air Fair, Mana Contemporary, Miami

    Good the Last Drop. Artium Gallery ,Wynwood, Miami, Florida

    Art Wyndwood Fair, Wyndwood, Miami, Artium Gallery, Florida

    Emerging to Established. The Krause Gallery, New York


    Art Attack, Northeast Minneapolis Art District. Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Resilencias, La otra Cuba. Art Distrit. Minneapolis,Minnesota

    The Trailer Park, Miami Bech, Miami

    Cachita, The Infinite Lightness of Being, The Olga M. Saladrigas Gallery, Miami

    on-line exhibitions

    Ariel Cabrera Montejo
  • Wet Campaign n.4, 2018
    Oil on canvas. 190 x 250 cm
  • Ariel Cabrera Montejo
  • Cinema Time n.4, 2018
    Oil on canvas. 157 x 212 cm
  • Ariel Cabrera Montejo
  • Primary Scene n.3, 2015
    Oil on canvas. 86,5 x 96,5 cm
  • Ariel Cabrera Montejo
  • El equilibrista, 2017
    Oil on canvas. 122 x 152 cm
  • Ariel Cabrera Montejo
  • Apotheosys, 2017
    Oil on canvas. 243 x 167 cm
  • Ariel Cabrera Montejo
  • Into the Hall, 2018
    Oil on canvas. 157,5 x 212,5 cm
  • Ariel Cabrera Montejo
  • Summer Time, 2019
    Oil on canvas. 189 x 248 cm
  • Ariel Cabrera Montejo
  • Behind the scene, 2014
    Oil on canvas. 76 x 101,5 cm
  • Ariel Cabrera Montejo
  • Wet Campagin n.5, 2018
    Oil on canvas. 198 x 396 cm (diptych)
  • Ariel Cabrera Montejo
  • Secondary Scene, 2016
    Oil on linen. 223,5 x 168 cm
  • Ariel Cabrera Montejo
  • Micro history No.3 from the series La Tregua fecunda., 2017
    Watercolor on heavy paper. 104 x 78 cm
  • Ariel Cabrera Montejo
  • The Wave n.2, 2018
    Watercolor on heavy paper. 118 x 89 cm
  • Ariel Cabrera Montejo
  • Campaing fire. From the series la Tregua Fecunda., 2016
    Watercolor on paper. 25.4 x 22.86 cm
  • Ariel Cabrera Montejo
  • Campaing fire. From the series la Tregua Fecunda., 2016
    Watercolor on paper. 25.4 x 22.86 cm
  • Ariel Cabrera Montejo
  • Campaing fire. From the series la Tregua Fecunda., 2016
    Watercolor on paper. 25.4 x 22.86 cm
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