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    Michele Spanghero

    Gorizia (Italy) • 1979
    Michele Spanghero © Michele Spanghero
    Graduated in Modern Literature at the University of Trieste, Michele Spanghero has also attended workshops on electronic and improvised music, sound design and video making. He has exhibited and performed in different international contexts such as museums, galleries, clubs and festivals in Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Turkey, Egypt and USA.
    Since 2007 he's a resident artist at Stazione di Topolò / Postaja Topolove (Italy). In 2008 he has participated in a one-month artist residency program in MoKS – Mooste (Estonia). In 2016 he was nominated as Best young artist in Italy by Artribune.
     His discs have been released for several labels such as Dedalus Records, headphonica, Palomar Records, Gruenrekorder and MiraLoop.
    His research focuses on the acoustic art, declined in the form of music or sound art, and on visual art in the attempt to find a natural synthesis (non synaesthetic) between these two forms of expression. The methodological approach characterizes his work through a continuous survey of the limits of the media: through the study of music and theater, he has indeed acquired an oblique approach that, usually starting from the sound, becomes instinctively tangential to visual art. The creative act is developed by a reaction to the accumulation of information that surrounds us. From this (formless because always mediated) mass of data, starts for him the impulse to research and test a new semantic system of the pre-existing matter.

    He lives and works in Monfalcone.

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    Michele Spanghero Michele Spanghero Michele Spanghero

    SOLO EXHIBITIONS - Selection


    Blank, Galerie Alberta Pane, Paris (F)

    Ad lib., curated by J. Aichinger, Imago Dei Festival and Donau Festival, Klangraum, Minorite Church, Krems (A)


    High Rise, Fabbrica Alta, Schio (I)

    Monologue for Two, curated by A. Possati, School of the Art Institute of Chicago MacLean Ballroom, Chicago (USA)

    Tuned Volume, Festivaletteratura, Palazzo Te, Mantua (I)

    Pressure, curated by M. Minuz, Violin Museum, Cremona (I)


    Monologues in Venice, Spazio Ridotto, Zuecca Project, Venice (I)

    Timber, text by C. Ianeselli, Galerie Mazzoli, Berlin, (DE)

    Monologues, EXPO CHICAGO Special Exhibitions program curated by S. Cristello, Navy Pier, Chicago (USA)

    Spacing, curated by S. Coletto, Multiplo, Padua (I)

    Ad Libitum, curated by C. Ianeselli, TRA, Ca’ dei Ricchi, Treviso (I)

    Natura Morta, curated by D. Bevilacqua, Fondazione Ado Furlan, Pordenone (I)


    ppp–pianopianissimo, curated by M. Santarossa, Centro Studi Pier Paolo Pasolini, Casarsa della Deilzia (I)

    Focus on Sound, curated by A.L. Chamboissier, LOOP fair, Barcelona (E)


    Monologues, text by G. M. Miniussi, Galerie Mazzoli, Berlin (D)

    Monologues, curated by A. Bertani, Ai Colonos, Villacaccia di Lestizza (I)

    Ouverture, with M. Tajariol, curated by D. Capra, Svernissage, Asolo (I)


    Spaziale, with M. Attruia, curated by A. Romanzin, salettaBI, Porcia (I)


    Empty Matters, curated by M. Wischnewski, Galerie Mario Mazzoli, Berlin (D)

    Replay, curated by A. Abrahamsberg, Galerija Dimenzija Napredka, Nova Gorica (SLO)ù 2011

    Desmodrone, performance, dolomiti contemporanee, padiglione Schiara, Sospirolo (I)

    Topophonie, curated by D. Capra, festival Comodamente, Vittorio Veneto (I)


    Exhibition Rooms, curated by D. Capra, Artericambi, Verona (I)


    Translucide, curated by D. Capra, Factory Art, Trieste (I)

    Cinetica : Promenade, curated by L. Michelli and S. Bellinato, Stazione Rogers, Trieste (I)




    Naked, curated by M. Scott Hall, Raumstation, Vienna (A)
    Radio Art Symposium, Monastero Santa Chiara, Republic of San Marino (RSM)


    Point Zero, Ars Electronica Festival, Post City, Linz (A)
    Le yeux qui louchent, curated by D. Capra, Galerie Alberta Pane, Venice (I)
    Soft Architecture, curated by S. and K. Oberrauch, Finstral Studio, Friedberg (D)
    When Machines Are Dreaming, curated by A. Ullrich, Technische Sammlungen, Dresden (D)
    Art of the Treasure Hunt: the Grand Tour, curated by K. Redzisz, Felsina, Castelnuovo Berardenga (I)
    Silenzi d’alberi – Soundart exhibition, curated by S. Belfiore and L. Longhi, Villa Brandolini, Pieve di Soligo (I)
    Farsi fiamma, Palazzo Paternolli, Gorizia (I)


    TILL IT’S GONE, curated by Ç. Bafra and P. Colombo, Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, Istanbul (TR)
    16th Art Quadriennale – Periferiche, curated by D. Viva, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome (I)
    Alchimie, curated by S. Coletto, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice (I)
    Corrispondenze d’Arte 3, curated by. S. Gregorat and L. Michelli, Museum Revoltella Contemporary and Modern Art Gallery, Trieste (I)
    Walking – arte in cammino, curated by G. Favi and M. Lupieri, Mount Pal Piccolo, Paluzza (I)
    Il suono in mostra, curated by A. Della Marina and N. Catalano, Cathedral Baptistery, Udine (I)


    Ritornello, curated by K. Oberrauch, Darb 1718 Contemporary Center, Cairo (ET) Rebuilding the Future, curated by M. Pierini, permanent public installation, Parc01 Binario Contemporaneo, Siracusa (I)
    0/M No Place to Hide, curated by M. Cavallarin and S. Monti, GC.AC Galleria Comunale d’Arte Contemporanea, Monfalcone (I)
    Der Blitz – Falsipiani, curated by D. Isaia and F. Mazzonelli, MAG Museo Alto Garda and MaRT Museo d’Arte Trento e Rovereto (I)
    IBIDEM, curated by D. Viva, Fondazione Ado Furlan, Pordenone (I)
    Talent Prize 2015, Museo Pietro Canonica, Rome (I)
    Premio In Sesto, curated by I. Brezigar, Ex Carceri, San Vito al Tagliamento (I)
    From Nature to Sign, curated by A. Bertani, Harry Bertoia’s birthplace, S. Lorenzo d'Arzene (I)


    Artsiders, curated by. F. De Chirico and M. Mattioli, Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria, Perugia (I)
    Un Rumore Bianco, curated by A. Bruciati, AssabOne, Milano (I)
    Transiente, Galleria Civica di Modena, Modena (I)
    Liam Gillick "De 199C a 199D", site specific project for the exhibition, MAGASIN Centre National d'Art Contemporain, Grenoble (F)
    Il collasso dell'entropia, curated by A. Zanchetta, MAC Museo d'Arte Contemporanea, Lissone (I)


    La Magnifica Ossessione Nuovi Artisti, with E. Becheri, A. Caccavale e A. Mastrovito, MaRT Museo d’Arte Trento e Rovereto, Rovereto (I)
    Essere o non essere. Premio Terna 05, curated by C. Collu and G. Marziani, Tempio di Adriano, Rome (I)
    Audition: Sound in Motion, curated by K. Oberrauch, Transart festival, Ganda Castel, Appiano (I)
    50 Blumm Prize, curated by M. Cavallarin, Italian Embassy, Bruxelles (B)
    97ma Collettiva Giovani Artisti, curated by S. Coletto, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Galleria di Piazza San Marco, Venice (I)
    Siate candidi come colombe, curated by M. Minuz., Galleria Civica, Zoppola and TRA Ca’ dei Ricchi, Treviso (I)


    Pixxelpoint 13, curated by A. Abrahamsberg and M. Peljhan, Mestna Galerija, Nova Gorica (SLO)
    Premio Francesco Fabbri, curated by C. Sala, Fondazione Fabbri, Villa Brandolini, Pieve di Soligo (I)
    Scatole Sonore – Painsesti 2012, curated by D. Viva and G. Rubino, Palazzo Altan, San Vito al Tagliamento (I)
    Ondertussen: Eavesdropping, curated by M. Marangoni, Stroom Fundation, The Hague (NL)


    95ma Collettiva Giovani Artisti, curated by A. Vettese, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Galleria di Piazza San Marco, Venice (I)
    Eavesdropping, curated by M. Marangoni, Villakabila Stichtingcentrum, The Hague (NL) Corrispondenze d’arte, curated by M. Masau Dan and L. Michelli, Museo Revoltella Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Trieste (I)
    Interlocutori dell’imperfetto, curated by P. Toffolutti, SPAC, Villa di Toppo Florio, Buttrio (I) 60x60 Images, curated by F. Agostinelli, Academy of Fine Arts, Cincinnati (USA)


    Condotti cronoarmonici, text by G. M. Miniussi, Galerie Mario Mazzoli, Berlin (D)
    Spectator Is a Worker, curated by D. Capra, Tina-B Contemporary Art Festival, Prague (CZ)
    Il segreto dello sguardo - Premio Arti Visive San Fedele, curated by A. Dall’Asta, Galleria San Fedele, Milan (I)
    Figure Ipotetiche, curated by F. Mazzonelli, Upload Art Project, Trento (I)
    Casabianca, curated by A. Radovan, Casabianca, Bologna (I)


    La Meglio Gioventù, curated by A. Bruciati and E. Comuzzi, GC.AC Galleria Comunale d’Arte Contemporanea, Monfalcone (I)
    Festival della Scienza, curated by AMACI, Telecom Italia Future Center, Genova (I)
    Licof – Palinsesti, curated by E. Pezzetta, Castle, San Vito al Tagliamento (I)


    Fruz 03, curated by A. Bruciati, GC.AC Galleria Comunale d’Arte Contemporanea, Monfalcone (I)
    HAIP Digital Art Festival, curated by D. Lakner, Ljubljana (SLO)
    Avamaa Art Symposium, curated by J. Grzinich and E. Muursepp, MoKS, Mooste (EST) 404 International Festival of Electronic Art, curated by G. Valenti, M. Guzman and M. Campitelli, Molo IV, Trieste (I)
    (Not) a Photograph, curated by V. Nagy, Obalne Galerije, Piran (SLO)
    Biennale des Arts Numériques, curated by M. Barbe, Sainte-Croix-aux-Mines Val d’Argent (F)


    Signal–segnali video, curated by E. Marras, La Vetreria, Cagliari (I) Electronic Music Festival, curated by R. Di Pietro, Columbus OH (USA)
    Orchestrazione, Galleria Comunale d’Arte Contemporanea, Portogruaro (I)

    Michele Spanghero
  • Tuned Volume, 2016
    Walnut wood, plywood, loudspeaker, audio system.
    145 x 150 x 156 cm; dur. 60 min. loop
  • Michele Spanghero
  • Natura Morta, 2016
    Lemons, copper wire, oscillators circuit, acrylic stone.
    390 x 210 x 45cm; dur. variable
  • Michele Spanghero
  • Natura Morta, 2013
    Fruit, acrylic stone, loudspeaker, audio system, raw material.
    38 x 4 7x 38 cm; dur. 60 min. loop
  • Michele Spanghero
  • Ad lib., 2016
    Automatic pulmonary ventilator, trolley, organ pipes, wood, organ ventilator.
    272 x 100 x 34 cm, 112 x 55 x 55 cm; dur. ad libitum
  • Michele Spanghero
  • Ad lib., 2013
    Automatic pulmonary ventilator, trolley, organ pipes, wood, organ ventilator.
    91 x 27x 82 cm; dur. ad libitum
  • Michele Spanghero
  • Almost Solo, 2009
    Double bass, speakers, nylon belts, stand, audio system.
    30 min. 33 sec. loop
  • Michele Spanghero
  • Nocturne, 2014
    Plaster cast. 74 x 48 x 22 cm
  • Michele Spanghero
  • Sum, 2015
    Wooden organ pipes, copper pipes, ventilator, wooden dodecahedron loudspeaker, mic stand, audio cable, audio system.
    Variable size; dur. ad libitum
  • Michele Spanghero
  • Stream I, 2012
    Steel pipes, loudspeakers, bolts, audio cables, media players.
    30 x 76 x 76 cm; dur. 4 min. loop
  • Michele Spanghero
  • 1 10.000, 2010
    Iron tank, aluminum, loudspeaker, audio system. 34 × 38 cm; 13 min. loop
  • Michele Spanghero
  • Echea, 2014
    Painted glass, brass, speaker, stainless steel pedestal. 67 x 44 x 44 cm
  • Michele Spanghero
  • Echea, 2014
    Painted glass, brass, speaker, stainless steel pedestal. 67 x 44 x 44 cm
  • Michele Spanghero
  • Monologue, Parma , 2014
    Inkjet print on plexiglass. 80 × 120 cm
  • Michele Spanghero
  • Monologue, Ferrara , 2014
    Inkjet print on plexiglass. 80 × 120 cm
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